As a radical educator, I believe that classrooms should be communities of liberation. I believe that the purpose of schooling extends far beyond the mere transmission of information: school must be to help students develop the perspectives and capacities they need to dismantle systems of oppression. I have worked with students in grades two through twelve, although my primary focus has been the upper elementary grades. I integrate disparate fields of knowledge into unique curricula, and have supported students with a wide variety of learning profiles. I have also worked as a teacher educator for undergraduate and graduate students, and I write frequently about pedagogy and larger issues in education.

I am also a Registered Yoga Teacher, and teach classes throughout the Boston area.

Some of my articles on education are available below:

Inviting Narrative Back into the Science Classroom: Telling the Stories of the Elements with Graphic Novels. Primary Science 157.

Where are the Climate Change Superheroes? Systems Thinking and Climate Activism in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Zinn Education Project, originally published in Rethinking Schools 33(1).

“Stupid Book of Wrongness”: The Heartland Institute’s Climate Change Denial Book Meets Informed 3rd and 4th Graders. Rethinking Schools 32(1).